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Mongolian Resorts is the Adventure & Luxury Travel Specialist based in Ulaanbaatar with a dedicated expat team on site to answer all your questions and needs during your trip to Mongolia. We have been operating in Mongolia for over 17 years and have developed an unparalleled network of nomads and travel specialists to make your trip an unforgettable one.
We have always been at the forefront of the Mongolian Travel Industry, bringing innovation and excellence in service to this exciting new frontier.
If you want to experience the wilderness and excitement of Mongolia but wish to have some home comforts and know that you are in safe hands then give us a call or email us to start finding out how amazing Mongolia really is…

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Mongolian Resorts Team.
Mongolian Resorts

Enjoy your stay in the eternal blue sky

Mongolian Resorts offers everything you need for unforgettable holidays in Mongolia. Enjoy the scenery surrounded by vast steppes and keep active by riding along with the spirit of Genghis Khan and his legions as the Mongols did over eight hundred years ago.

ACCOMODATION 20 gers 6 suites
DINING Country Club Restaurant Terrace Bar and Grill
FEATURES Outdoor Bonfire pit Sauna and Karaoke
ACTIVITIES Tour of the last unspoiled destination on horseback Hiking Climbing Bird watching Cultural tours Fishing
EVENTS Conference Center and Banqueting rooms
LOCATION 35km from Ulaanbaatar

Traditional Gers

Mongolian Resorts provides the best accommodation outside of Ulaanbaatar. All of our gers are luxuriously furnished to give you the best of both world, the sense of adventure, wilderness and culture surrounding you in Mongolia while living in some comfort being part of the noble Mongolian Heritage.

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Fireside Parties
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Fine Dining and Full Bar
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Gers Big Enough for Meetings
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Enjoy a Warm Night by the Fire
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Modern Bathrooms